Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fitness (?!?)

Every once in a looong while, one of us writes a post on fitness, which on first glance does not seem to fit in with our posts on cheese and heels. But every fitness post has one thing in common: unabashed fun.

Last year, we did The Dirty Girl Mud Runand we had so much fun forming a team and running the obstacle course. We chose the run in Phoenix, so we could factor in a girls' road trip as well. This year, our Thanksgiving break unfortunately does not coincide with the date in Phoenix, which was so disappointing. But then we stumbled upon The Color Run.

Colored powder instead of mud? An opportunity to wear rainbow tutus and not take the whole exercise thing so seriously? Sign us up!

We chose the team name Rainbow Connection because it seemed fitting and showed our love for The Muppets. We decided our team shirts would have pictures of different characters, and so we have ,respectively, Kermit, Fozzie, Beaker, Animal, and two Miss Piggies (both Christy and Amy wanted to be Piggy, and how could we deny either of them their Muppet spirit animal?).

I've learned from The Dirty Girl that the only way I will ever run is if a chance for silliness and novelty is built into the event. I'm hoping one day to build up the stamina and courage to do the Run For Your Lives zombie run or The Walking Dead Escape at Comic Con. But until then, I'm super content to be plastered with hot pink powder, laughing and smiling all the way.

   At the Dirty Girl Mud Run 2013...AFTER we cleaned up.



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